AVK series 764 resilient seated eccentric plug valve


AVK’s eccentric plug valve range offers unparalleled strength and robustness in the most demanding of situations.

The new AVK eccentric plug valve is quarter turn with obstacle-free bore, adapted for pump control shut-off and throttling service with bi-directional flow in applications where wastewater is contaminated with fibrous particles or hydrocarbon residues. The plug is fully vulcanized with AVK’s own hydrocarbon resistant NBR rubber compound which due to its sturdy design, double bonding vulcanization and the rubber’s ability to regain its original shape features an outstanding durability. The valve seat is corrosion resistant, welded nickel with a full port design that allows for high flow capability, an ISO 5211 actuator flange is incorporated in the valve housing and fusion bonded epoxy coating protects internally and externally.

Features & benefits of the plug valve include:

  • Quarter turn with no shaft through the bore gives a quickly operated valve that is not clogged by stringy or fibrous objects in the water
  • Seat in 95% nickel, welded on the cast body for corrosion protection and extended life time
  • Round rubber bonnet gasket fits into a groove in the valve bonnet preventing it from being blown out by pressure surges
  • Bonnet gasket and plug rubber in hydrocarbon resistant NBR according to EN681-1
  • Bonnet bolts in stainless steel A4-70, encircled by the bonnet gasket and sealed with hot melt
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating to AS 4158, AS 4020 compliance approved, blue RAL5017
  • V-type stem seal packing, easily adjustable during use
  • Self-lubricating, stainless steel backed, PTFE coated, bronze bearings along with upper and lower bronze washers ensures consistently low operating torque
  • Actuator mounting flange to ISO 5211
  • Rectangular port opening, full port area
  • Flange feet on large sizes for easy transport
  • Seals from both directions up to 16 bar
  • Plugs with integrated stems
  • Plug stem extensions with zinc plating for corrosion protection
  • Main stem seal and bearings are protected from particles and grit in the liquid by a triple lip integrated in the plug rubber coat pressing against the inside of the thrust bearing. Parallel to that an O-ring also seals the outside of the thrust bearing and the inside of the radial bearing

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